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Once the bleeding has stopped, use an antiseptic spray such as Blu-Kote to keep infection out.

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Re-apply regularly until the wound successfully heals. Roosters can live well into their teens if we keep on top of their health. Wound management is an essential part of keeping them healthy. Chickens are cannibalistic, so be sure to isolate any wounded bird so they can heal.

Also, if the damage is a result of a pecking order conflict, be sure they are not in visual contact with the other rooster otherwise they may fight through your cage. Ever wonder how do you tell the difference between a rooster and a hen? Well, spurs are a part of identifying hens from roosters. Hens can have spurs, but rooster spurs are much larger than their female counterparts, and maintaining them is part of good rooster care. As roosters age, their spurs can become unruly.

Wrap them in an old towel to immobilize them as you work. One of the facts about roosters is that spurs split and snap as they age. If the spur was bleeding, clean it and spray it with an antiseptic wound spray. Part of a good rooster care routine includes nail trimming. If your rooster is prone to overgrown nails, be sure to trim them once in a while. Again, wrap them in a towel to make it easier to work on them, and have some blood stop powder handy in case you trim too much.

Manchester City 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur: Guardiola 'accepts' VAR after goal overruled

Just like your hens, roosters are prone to becoming infested with bugs and lice. The new stadium has received general positive comments from fans as well as sports and architecture writers alike. The next nearest is Northumberland Park and fans can reached the stadium via Park Lane. The walk to the stadium from Seven Sisters station takes around 30 minutes.

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The stadium area is served by up to buses an hour. A number of major towns in and around South East England were chosen as pickup points and supporters are dropped off at a designated coach parking facility near the Stadium, and are collected from the same area with coaches departing around an hour after the final whistle back to their collection points. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Football stadium in London.

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10 Facts About Dele Alli - Tottenham Midfielder

Retrieved 16 June September Retrieved 17 October Retrieved 12 March Retrieved 6 October Retrieved 29 March Retrieved 24 July Retrieved 14 November Retrieved 11 October Retrieved 24 December Retrieved 14 August Retrieved 24 August Retrieved 11 April He can come soaring in for an out-of-nowhere block on one possession, tip away a pass on the next and then buckle down for an isolation stop a few minutes later.

Just consider Antetokounmpo's rim protection if you need yet another example. Despite running the show on offense and spending most of his time suited up as either a shooting guard or a forward—really, he defies description by traditional positions—Antetokounmpo guards 5. Only 10 other players can match that combination of volume and stinginess, and every one of them spends a significant chunk of their action at the 5. The Los Angeles Clippers have utilized a never-ending cycle of contributors at small forward over the last few years.

Now, their unwillingness to fully commit to Luc Mbah a Moute is a bit baffling.

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Sure, this particular wing isn't a terrific scoring threat, but that should be nearly irrelevant while he plays alongside Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and J. His ability to prevent other players from posting gaudy figures is even more important with this roster construction, and he's already helping LAC allow 6. And the fact that he's scoring, it's all gravy.

Perhaps the novelty has worn off throughout the season, especially as focus has shifted to the omnipresent injury woes and overall struggles that have prevented Los Angeles from maintaining the contender status it achieved during the campaign's opening salvo. But Mbah a Moute is still thriving as a tough-nosed perimeter defender, and he's still making the Clippers far better because of it.

Andre Roberson is the textbook example of how to carve out a rotation role when your jumper doesn't work. The three-point attempts he bricks out of the corners are rendered almost irrelevant by his point-preventing prowess and rebounding edge, which factors into NBA Math's defensive points saved. It can always come down to a point or two. Roberson makes an effort to contest every shot.

He works hard to recover after his man gets by him. He never takes a possession off. He scouts opponents thoroughly, trying to gain even the most marginal advantages in the hopes of helping out the Oklahoma City Thunder. Those may seem like little pieces of the overall puzzle, but it's shocking how many players don't buy into that mentality.

Roberson does, and that, paired with his physical gifts and gigantic wingspan, has allowed him to move from plus-defender territory to the fringes of the DPOY conversation. Though it's easy to assume Joel Embiid was the sole explanation behind the Philadelphia 76ers ' defensive resurgence, nothing could be further from the truth.

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Robert Covington has been every bit as important, even if he doesn't have the extreme rim-protecting numbers that would have bolstered the rookie's Defensive Player of the Year case if he'd remained healthy. The 6'9" Covington frequently challenges players around the basket, where he's holding opponents to He takes on difficult wing assignments, checking players such as LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo in Eastern Conference matchups without a second thought. He's even willing to switch onto dynamic guards, where he can show off his surprising lateral quickness and fast-twitch instincts to remain between his man and the hoop.

When he's on the floor, the Sixers have given up just There's often a tradeoff between volume and efficiency, which means an increased role could see him slip down the leaderboard in ESPN. But at the same time, he'd have a superior score in NBA Math's defensive points saved—the one part of our criteria that rewards players for sheer volume, operating under the assumption that the best players receive more minutes.

He's a physical and fundamental defender capable of guarding plenty of different players, even if his contributions aren't too glamorous. He doesn't record an inordinate number of steals or blocks, but instead makes solid plays that increase the difficulty for his assignments. Perhaps even more importantly, Patterson avoids mistakes. That doesn't just refer to positioning mishaps, because this power forward is quite adept at minimizing whistles, rarely sending his marks to the free-throw line for easy points.