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365 Wisdom Keys of Mike Murdock

Yes—Save my other items for later. No—I want to keep shopping. Order by , and we can deliver your NextDay items by. In your cart, save the other item s for later in order to get NextDay delivery. We moved your item s to Saved for Later. There was a problem with saving your item s for later. You can go to cart and save for later there. Murdock Mike. Out of stock. Delivery not available. God creates seasons; discoveries schedule them. God had a son but he wanted a family; he sowed his son to create his family.

God sent his son, but he left his book. Champions are willing to do things they hate to create something else they love. Everything God created is a solution to a problem. Every friendship nurtures a strength or a weakness. Bad times bring good people together. One day of doubt will create days of pain. Creativity is the search for options; focus is the elimination of them. Give another what you cannot find anywhere else and he will keep returning. Endurance demoralizes your adversary. Miracles do not go where they are needed; they go where they are expected. If what you hold in your hand is not enough to be your harvest, it must be your seed.

Access creates demands; demands create expectations; expectations create distraction; distraction creates failure. Debt is emptying your future to fill up your present. Provision is only guaranteed at the place of you assignment. God disguises his greatest gifts in the most flawed vessels so only the most passionate qualify to receive them.

Losers focus on what they are going through; champions focus on what they are going to.

Silence cannot be misquoted. Money does not change you; it magnifies what you already are. The Holy Spirit is the only person capable of being completely satisfied with you. Diligence is immediate attention to an assigned task. Restlessness is your future whimpering at your feet begging for instructions. God will never authorize a man to marry a woman who refuses to follow; nor a woman to marry a man who refuses to lead. Men do not drown by falling in the water; they drown by staying there. The purpose of memory is to revisit places of pleasure.

Nothing leaves Heaven until something leaves Earth.

Jerry A. Chadwick

The Holy Spirit is the only person you are required to obey. Failure is not an event, but merely an opinion.

Wisdom Key #148 - 2-Minute Wisdom With Dr. Mike Murdock

Stop looking at where you have been and start looking at where you can be. What you say determines what God is willing to do for you. Pain is not your enemy — merely the proof that you have one.

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

Flattery is speaking good words for wrong reasons. Only a fool negotiates with a giver. The person of Jesus creates your peace; the principles of Jesus create your prosperity. Fame will birth pursuit; pursuit will birth demands; demands will birth distractions; distractions will birth failure. The only reason men fail is broken focus.

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  • Jealousy is believing another received what you deserved. The quality of a nation is revealed by the quality of the leader God permits to govern them. Something you already have can create anything else you will ever want. The presence of God is the only place where your weakness will die. Focus creates blindness. The pain of your past will decide your passion for the future.


    Nobody is ever as they first appear. Satan always attacks those next in line for a promotion. The quickest cure for ingratitude is loss. The anointing you respect is the anointing that increases in your life. The price God was willing to pay reveals the worth of the product he saw. Anything unrecognized becomes unrewarded; anything unrewarded…will exit.

    365 Wisdom Keys of Mike Murdock

    The problem closest to you is your door out of trouble. The ungodly give gifts to influence decisions; the Godly give gifts to prove love. The difference between seasons is simply an instruction. Information births confidence. The problem you are willing to solve determines who pursues you. Struggle is the proof that you have not yet been conquered. Those without your memories cannot feel your pain. Your seed will expose the character of the soil.

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    The three rewards for Christ and forgiveness, a friend and a future. Integrity cannot be proven, only discerned. The problems you solve determine the rewards you receive. The goal of an enemy is to change your self-portrait. Time will expose what interrogation cannot. The quality of the soil determines the future of the seed. The will of God is an attitude, not a place. Make your future so big yesterday disappears. The quality of your questions will determine the quality of your discoveries. Popularity is when people like you; happiness is when you like you.

    True friends have the same enemies. To love something is to find it desirable; to respect something is to find it valuable. The quality of your seed determines the quality of your harvest. The workings of God are never proportionate to your need of him, but proportionate to your knowledge of him. May you never have anything God is unwilling to give. The season for research is not the season for marketing.