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The formulae that gave Liliana her The formulae that gave Liliana her emotions are still in the hands of the LN, and the threat is ever looming as to how they might be used.

They take her from remote islands Fantasy Young Adult Audiobook Part 1 of 2

Yet the pair Clockwork Alchemist. The clock ticks for London Liliana is trapped alone in the dark. Her father is dead, Her father is dead, and London is very far away.

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If only she hadn't been locked up in her room, reading a book she wasn't allowed to read, she Mora is a young, gray-haired girl who recently lost her mother. She also sees ghosts. She tries to figure out how to stop a little boy from haunting her, and ends up with a much larger problem.

Xoe (Xoe Meyers Young Adult Fantasy/Horror Series)

How to Speak Minor Magic. Xoe knew her father had a few family secrets, but she hadn't expected to find Xoe knew her father had a few family secrets, but she hadn't expected to find answers in the human world. Never the less, she's not one to pass up a good road trip, so with the help of her friends, Minor Magics: The Demon Code. Xoe is back and better than ever!

Set three years in the future, The Demon Set three years in the future, The Demon Code is the continuation of Xoe's story. All of your favorite characters have returned, along with a few new ones! Together, they struggle to make sense of murder and get justice for the victims.

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Get to know this pair and follow them as they figure out the first ten cases in this exciting collection. King: The Travelers…husband and wife con artists who specialize in stealing from other criminals. Teague: She went out there to find herself. But danger found her first…leaving all of her troubles behind her, Katy Wild sets off to explore the rural wilderness of Scotland and figure out what to do with her life.

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Gilbert: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson face a dramatic encounter within the walls of a secluded castle. Holmes and his brother, Mycroft, give chase, only for their quarry to escape. The three men, in the company of a new and mysterious ally, return to London knowing that an old adversary will be seeking deadly revenge. She thinks her parents are in cahoots with a cabal trying to end the world.

Will taking a new case lead her to the truth, or will an unexpected death derail the investigation? Simon Spero is caught between rival factions of a splintered crime family. Halloween Hijinks is the perfect recipe, combining holiday fun, a touch of humor, a pinch of romance, and a dollop of murder. Weston: Emma Fletcher is special. She is pure and kind, raised to perfection by her own flawed mother.

But when Emma is kidnapped on a family holiday, she is forced to find a darker side of herself she never knew existed, and when she does, she discovers she can have anything she wants…for a price. Will rescue arrive before her soul is Torn In Two? Her passion is helping those in need. Follow this most deadly game of wits to its shocking end for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month! Grab this fun cozy mystery NOW! Lottie Lemon has a bakery to tend to, one too many suitors, and the supernatural ability to see the dead. When a pesky poltergeist shows up for the grand opening, Lottie follows him out back and straight into another homicide investigation.

One woman will be brave enough to find out. Elizabeth Martin, has two reasons for staying at a mysterious mansion — to help get the property ready to sell, and to investigate the rumors of the ghost who is haunting it. After shockingly finding the rumors to be true, one question stirs in her mind. A billionaire has chosen him to be his man in the White House and gets him to reveal the secret. Now the lives of his friends are in danger, because the kingmaker will not let his plan be derailed.

Bose: Now you can binge-read the first 3 books in the Liz Bean Mystery series. Missing in Mystic Grove, 2.

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Murder in Mystic Grove, 3. Justice in Mystic Grove. How are these cases connected? What if every time you told the truth, evil followed? Internal Affairs Investigator Christine Levy.

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Dedicated officers. A murder leads to a missing teenage girl and a manhunt for her physically abusive father. Was it murder or suicide? Back home from the hospital, Devon struggles with postpartum problems that manifest as cruel voices preying on her new-mom insecurities. When another friend is accused of the murder, Devon must return to her skills as an attorney to investigate and overcome the voices in her head. Perfect for fans of Robin Cook and Michael Crichton, Nondisclosure is both a page-turning mystery and a closeup of the underbelly of academia. Tim has been diagnosed with something called retrograde amnesia after a traffic accident.

An accident that took the life of his wife Pam. Forced to retire, Tim settles in Baltimore where he spends most of his time at a local bar named the Blue Goose. Ruby Nazarian exists in that moral grey zone. Emrick and S. Wells: Sidney Stone — Private Investigator — sees her future in 3 second intervals! What must life be like always seeing into the future? When a large package is delivered to her door, she has no idea that her already complicated life is about to get even more complicated!

DI Mia Harvey knows who the killer is. But she is running out of time to prove it.

Accidental Ashes by Sara C. Roethle - Read Online

A second grisly murder causes even more problems. Can Harvey and her team apprehend the sick killer before anyone else dies?

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Taylor: The Ultimate Limited Edition boxed set complete with 10 books in this hugely popular adventure-packed supernatural thriller series. Number one bestsellers included. Adventures, mysteries, ghosts, witches, artifacts, and missing corpses are familiar territory to the Cullens! Ten acclaimed authors. Ten gripping stories. An inspector with something to hide. Fontenot: This is the first in a brand new series that combines exotic locations, ancient cultures, and modern coverups. Digging up the past can be dangerous… Especially when others have gone to great lengths to cover it up.

Have you met Mario DeLuca? Aging rocker Johnny Lee Rogers is performing a concert in Larchborough. His biggest fan has won tickets and is convinced that fate is bringing them together. A body is found stabbed to death. Obsessed with catching a killer, Angie plunges them into a web of global intrigue. Join Brant as he tracks down the killer behind the savage stabbing of an elderly trader of rare coins in this gritty, fast-paced thriller. Blandford Candy, rake and spy, travels to the colonies on family business.

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He becomes embroiled in a quest for a priceless emerald cross. It is a new world but Blandford has the same old problems. Working in the charity shop of a small town in rural New Zealand seems ideal… until she awakens a ghost! Join Emily and her not-so-psychic friend Crystal as they uncover killers with the help and occasional hindrance of the murdered ghosts.

Three titles in one set. If you enjoy a good crime novel, this book is for you. Denzil and Anni Taylor: Two young backpackers hitchhike their way to a remote farm, desperate for work. The other girl wants to forget.