Manual Blind Sight Through the Eyes of Leocardo Reyes

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Once again, however, it seemed that he was moving too fast for her to keep up as he had now moved on to yelling at one of the doctors who had materialized out of nowhere. Aniela positioned herself between Leo and the doctor, her back to Leo. She knew from experience that people were less pleasant and helpful when you were yelling at them. What a relief. This had to be magic, Aniela was sure of it. There was no other sane explanation for a blind girl throwing about singularly colored fabric. The doctor waved over a nurse who led them through the maze of hallways.

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It did not take long until they were at the room and Leo blew past her. She stepped to the side; as much as she wanted to do the same, she felt as though she was intruding on a private moment between siblings.

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Sure, Theodore and Tatiana had shown various levels of protective expressions and sometimes ones of mild concern, but nothing that could ever compare to the anxiety Leo had for Odette. Aniela pulled her thoughts together; this was not the moment to be self-reflective. She approached the bed just as Odette rolled over and plopped back down on her pillows with a deep sigh. Aniela gazed down at her friend with concern. She knew something was wrong when the drawings started to show up, but she never would have fathomed that something like this would happen to an otherwise healthy girl.

How are you feeling? Aniela smiled gently. She pulled her hand away before he noticed. Her concern for his sanity was not long lived as he immediately explained. His vulnerable eyes left hers to look at his sister once again. Now at least she had something she could do. Talking, or ideally comforting him gave her something to do and made her feel productive. It is obvious you love her; I am sure she knows that. She could see it in the way she talked about him, very much the way she talked about Theodore and even Tatiana when they were not around.

Blind Sight Through the Eyes of Leocardo Reyes

It was a younger sibling thing; she could relate to the loving dysfunctional relationship that came with being the youngest. He agreed, but not very convincingly, before offering her a seat. Standing before she could answer, Leo got up and moved another chair over to the bed so she could sit in the one he had previously occupied. That answered her previous uncertainty about staying. Now that they were on the subject, she had some things she wanted to ask, but she never got the chance.

Her beeper went off and the number for Phoenix came across the small screen. On top of that, one of the doctors was making his way into the room with yet another clipboard probably filled with piles of test results. She decided it was time to leave the siblings alone. She had faith in the system, especially if her suspicions about the involvement of magic proved correct.

A member of the hospital staff just dropped off a newborn.

Since opening Phoenix, she had not had any new arrivals, but did not want to ask more over the phone. Once the car pulled up to the large stone building, she tried her best to look put together and not shaken from everything earlier that day. Marie ran over to greet her. She did not want to have to call her mother, but she was very close, pride be darned. In order to keep people from leaving unwanted babies in dumpsters, they have a no questions asked policy so we have no background on the mother. That made Aniela pause a step before regaining her composure.

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Unwanted babies! The nursery was expansive. Cribs lined the walls and toys scattered about on shelves, but only one thing made any movement in the room. Aniela had not expected to have this room occupied so soon, but at least they were prepared. She walked over to the baby and picked it up, supporting its head and making cooing sounds that even the most rough-tough male would make when they held a baby so sweet.

It was wrapped up in a navy blanket, which Marie explained was all the baby had been dropped off in. It looked expensive and felt incredibly soft. The sun moved slowly toward the horizon but had yet to touch its expanse. Flowers, a card, and some Braille playing cards in hand, Aniela stood in the elevator and listened to the beeps as she climbed up to the fourth floor.

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She tiptoed over to him, not wanting to interrupt his sleep. His back was to her, but his head was lolled to the side; he looked drained and in desperate need of a break. That chair cannot be very comfortable. At least 12 families lost multiple members, and at least 10 married couples died together. In one case, three generations in a family died together, ranging from a year-old grandfather to his three-year-old granddaughter. Six of the children killed in the blast were students on a championship team sent by schools in northern Mindanao to compete in a journalism contest in Manila.

Lucille Tesoro, a school official who accompanied the students and survived the bombing, told Human Rights Watch that at the time the bomb went off she was getting ready to go to bed. It was a commotion.

Blind Sight Through the Eyes of Leocardo Reyes

I was on the ground looking for my clothes, glass lying everywhere; I cut my arms and legs. Then we left the cabin and made our way down to another deck. I had to jump off one deck onto another. I was shouting and screaming. Human Rights Watch spoke to several relatives of victims, who described hearing about the bombing, and about the pain of losing their family members.

My husband is hurting now, he struggled a lot when she died. They taught us to be independent. Abu Sayyaf better prepare a good explanation for what they did. Because they took good people; they killed good people. They have to explain this. He was arrested four weeks after the attack, but has only been charged in relation to a separate kidnapping case. As of June , he had not been charged in connection with the Superferry attack.

Philippine authorities believe Khadafi Janjalani and Abu Solaiman, senior ASG leaders killed in September and January , respectively, were the masterminds behind the attack. At around 4 p.

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The bomb, placed near some food stalls where meat and sausages were sold, killed at least 15 people and injured over 60 others. Among those killed were Ernesto Plasabas, who owned a meat store at the market, and his son Jemuel Plasabas, who was working with him at the time of the blast.

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Her cousin Jerson, a three-year-old boy, was killed instantly. Marina herself lost a significant amount of tissue in her right arm and was wounded in the chest. She was hospitalized for a week.

Marina said that over 80 people were wounded, an estimate which Human Rights Watch found credible. Local authorities compiled a list of 69 wounded, but it was missing several victims we spoke to at the scene. Since the attack, however, business at the market has been poor. Joemar and Marina said family life was difficult after Ernesto and Jemuel were killed, and that the family was struggling financially.

Other survivors at the market confirmed that the attack had significantly slowed business at the market, and that incomes were sharply down. Besides the Plasabas family, another 12 people were killed in the attack, including Rokmah Adam, age 35 and the mother of four young children, who was shopping at the market when the blast occurred. Several persons were arrested in connection with the General Santos market bombing, including Indonesian suspected JI members and a former member of MILF, but as of June , none had been tried.

On February 14, , between and p.