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Maisel to seize the period-drama spotlight. In Season 1, the questions pile up on top of each other when an unexpected clue reopens a missing boy's case after eight years; in Season 2, the missing child is reportedly found more than a decade after her disappearance. The panic and human folly inevitable in times of crisis pack each episode with tension, and you won't be able to resist hitting "Play Next Episode.

The genius main character, the eponymous Adrian Monk, may be an obsessive compulsive, multi-phobic former police detective who suffered a nervous meltdown that rendered him barely able to function in regular society, but with the assistance of a private nurse, he begins to lend his detective services to the San Francisco Police Department.

Of course, this can pose a challenge given the phobias that prevent him from performing many typical tasks. Each episode features a new criminal investigation served with a side of comedy.

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If you weren't already terrified about the state of modern cybersecurity, drug-addled, mentally unstable hacker Elliot Alderson -- Oscar winner Rami Malek -- will have you taping over your webcam in no time. You'll have to bust open your wallet for the third season, but two full Prime-included seasons should give you enough time to decide if it's worth it. If you've always wondered what it would be like to see Dr. Hugh Laurie stars as a wealthy businessman and "philanthropist," while Tom Hiddleston plays a -- yep -- night manager at an upscale British hotel in Cairo.

It's less and more Mad Men , in other words, and in six one-hour episodes, you'll be finished with it in less than a workday.

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There are a lot of big names attached to One Mississippi , Tig Notaro's semi-autobiographical dark comedy. Enter at your own risk, but the humor extracted from dire circumstances rewards viewers who stick with it.

Dead Girls, Female Murderers, and Megan Abbott’s Novel “Give Me Your Hand”

If your favorite things are in any order espionage, folk music, soliloquies on human fragility, and offbeat humor, you will LOVE this show. Patriot tracks the increasingly unstable emotional state of John Tavner, aka John Lakeman, who's tasked with posing as a piping engineer so he can travel to Europe to prevent Iran from obtaining full nuclear capabilities. With highly honed observation skills, Spencer is able to identify clues that leave the police baffled, solving cases with panache and a comedic touch.

The '80s teen sex comedy of your dreams. Director David Gordon Green takes us to the country club where one college student spends his summer as a tennis instructor. Think of it as John Hughes meets Richard Linklater. Matthew Weiner's much anticipated follow-up to his near-perfect Mad Men wasn't the frothy, fun exploration into why so many royal pretenders are running around that we expected.

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It's partly that, but it's more a darkly mean study of the worst kind of people, the kind who lie and manipulate in their desperation to give their dull existences some impressive, esoteric meaning. Perhaps the name turned you off. Maybe it was the idea of spending hours watching "that guy" actor Giovanni Ribisi play the titular conman. We get that.

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But Sneaky Pete 's subtle charms materialize if you view it as a companion piece to Justified Graham Yost serves as showrunner and Margo Martindale plays the wise matriarch of a rural bail-bonds business and Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston serves as executive producer and recurs as a Heisenberg-y gangster. When fans heard Ben Edlund's satirical big blue bug of justice was getting the Amazon treatment, many wondered: would anyone really be able to adequately replace original live-action star Patrick Warburton? Would this reboot be able to cut through all the other streaming superhero bullshit?

The good news: yes. Peter Serafinowicz nails the bold airheadedness of the The Tick, helping Arthur Griffin Newman -- the real star, a poor, broken, obsessive man -- to tap into his potential and uncover a villainous conspiracy.

Their story, more importantly, comes packed with legit emotion, action, and tons of weird fun. She says, "Hi," by the way! Nicolas Winding Refn Drive and Ed Brubaker wrote every provocative, weird and gory episode of this Prime original limited series Halley Gross joined them for the final two episodes , with director Refn shooting it all in his signature colorful and deliberately unhurried style. Some might argue that Refn cares more about style than substance, and it's fair to say that the plot is less compelling than its visuals.

Every lauded sci-fi movie or television show owes Rod Serling residuals. Over episodes, Serling speculated and dreamed, refracting his present day through the trippiest scenarios to ever beam through mild-mannered American homes. Buckle up and fly into a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. David Lynch and Mark Frost's detective series is often credited with instilling television with artful potential. And yet, the show's dreamy, saturated look is really a cherry on top. Your weird friends love this show. You should too. It's finally time to understand those Log Lady Halloween costumes.

So, get ready to catch up on Mulder's paranoia, Scully's sleuthing, and the burning chemistry that launched a thousand GeoCities sites. If nine and a half seasons is too much to binge, cherry-pick the classics. While the reboot seasons from aren't available on Prime, you can still rent or purchase them if you just can't stop searching for the truth.

In the early s, 24 was the concept drama that proved it was possible to innovate the format of TV storytelling, and to do it on network television. Good thing Bauer had enough rough days at the office to keep the show going for nearly a decade. They will cry. Why, she wondered, did her feedback prompt such resistance, as if the mention of racism were more offensive than the fact or practice of it? DiAngelo, who is white, emphasizes that the stances that make up white fragility are not merely irrational.


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Or even comical, though some of her anecdotes—participants in a voluntary anti-racism workshop dissolving with umbrage at any talk of racism—simmer with perverse humor. White fragility holds racism in place. DiAngelo addresses her book mostly to white people, and she reserves her harshest criticism for white liberals like herself and like me , whom she sees as refusing to acknowledge their own participation in racist systems. Whiteness, on the other hand, scans as invisible, default, a form of racelessness.

To be perceived as an individual, to not be associated with anything negative because of your skin color, she notes, is a privilege largely afforded to white people; although most school shooters, domestic terrorists, and rapists in the United States are white, it is rare to see a white man on the street reduced to a stereotype.

Likewise, people of color often endure having their views attributed to their racial identities; the luxury of impartiality is denied them. A lie that brings a smile… or the truth that draws tears? Olivia Crane lives a quiet life. When the visiting physician from France strolls into her office, with open arms and a confident smile, her perfect control is about to crumble. Luc George, the man she loved ten years ago? Should she return his scorching kisses, or should she lock her door before he digs into her many secrets?

Secret daughter, secret friend, secret enemy. Had Luc really known his sweet Olivia back then? He wants her back, but he wants the truth, too. Now, Olivia has to face her past before she can grab her second chance. Hi this is the first time I have done this but I just wanted to say today I finished reading Doctors Orders on my Kindle and enjoyed it very much.

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I have also recomended it to a friend. Thank you so much, Di. You made my day. In fact I am now writing only because made readers asked me to do so and demanded a story for some secondary characters. Thank you again. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.