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Put your heavy things into the pack tube and put the pack tube on top. It fits perfectly and you don't even need to use tape to secure it. Place that inside the bowl. Put your fake plant in the pack tube and all of your messy desk items around it in the bowl and revel in the tidiness.

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If you feel so inclined, put that awesome desk organizer on a candle holder that you may or may not have found in the common room candles are totally dorm room illegal anyway. You could fill the bowl around the tube with soil from the quad and plant some succulents in the bottom and reserve the tube for your supplies. You could divide your supplies by favorites and keep the best in the top. It's up to you and the possibilities are pretty much endless.

Even if you don't have all three packages on hand, you still have plenty of options. This piece will not only display your favorite works of condom wrapper art, but will come in handy next to your bed.

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It's a touchy subject on campus: 'sexiled' students - Los Angeles Times

Wink wink. One of my drama major roommates walked in, looked around, and announced, "Oh my god, guys! Don't look, I'm totally going to change my tampon! She then tossed the bloody one in the communal trash. My dorm building had an anonymous poop bandit. He made a habit of shitting in the stairwells on a regular basis, and even left obscure notes taped on the doors.

One of them said, "You won't know where, you won't know when, but I will strike again.

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Signed, The Poop Bandit. After a night out at the bar, my friend returned completely obliterated.

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First he went over to his desk and relieved himself on his laptop. He must have realized he wasn't in front of the toilet because he then switched over to his roommate's desk, where he began to pee on his roommate's laptop. Finally, he found a spot he felt truly comfortable: his roommate's bed, where he was sound asleep. I'm sure waking up to your roommate peeing all over you is unpleasant.

Unfortunately I caught my roommate shaving his balls with the razor I used on my face. He then admitted to me that he used it over a dozen times.

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After eating lunch with my best friend at Chipotle, I walked into my dorm to find my four roommates sitting naked on my blue rug, oiling each other's backs, and eating sushi. They also poured salsa all over my bedspread because they were mad at me for not inviting them to lunch. The night I moved back into my dorm after winter break, I came back to a very stressful situation. One of my roommates was apparently drinking all day and vomited literally everywhere in our dorm. She spewed all over the kitchen floor, the bathroom, and the worst place: my other roommate's bed.

We called maintenance to clean everything up, but a few days later I found dried up vomit in the bathroom.

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