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You can find out more about what additional rules and restrictions may apply below. Our goal is to resolve these cases within 60 days from the date the Fast Track application is accepted. Fast Track Settlement offers large businesses and businesses and individuals with international interests an opportunity to resolve tax disputes during the examination process. Our goal is to resolve these case within days after the date the Fast Track application is accepted. Fast Track Settlement offers individuals with international interests an opportunity to resolve tax disputes during the examination process.

Fast Track Settlement offers tax-exempt organizations and government entities a way to resolve tax disputes during the examination process.

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You can find more information in Announcement There are potentially millions of dollars of unrealized revenue that are slipping right through your company's fingers. With over 20 years' worth of inside experience in the property management industry, Fast Track's training and solutions are sure to keep your company ahead of the curve. In less than 60 days after the concepts training and solutions, your portfolio will enjoy a significant decrease in vacancies, delinquencies and write-offs. We believe the investment in skilled property professionals is crucial to success in the industry.

Fast Track's skill set training has helped create a healthy bottom line for management companies across the region.

These strategies have helped pave the way to personal and company growth in the property management industry. By learning the Fast Track skill sets within collection, your people will become empowered with the income areas by reducing vacancies, delinquencies, write-offs and even rent concessions.

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Also with Fast Track training, we believe that the change agent comes from better behavior and understanding of the expectations of us as professionals. Geoffrey A. My position as a Director of Residential Financial Services over the past 18 years had incredible impact on earnings for the management company that I represented.

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Prior to my arrival, the portfolio suffered tremendously with vacancy and write-offs. It was with great amounts of trial and error that I perfected and managed better proven processes over time that paved the way for company success. My experience of managing and training also included working directly with the residents.

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I worked on several touch point opportunities that changed behavior of the resident through credit counseling programs that I implemented. The success of this program enabled me to create a better resident for life from what was once a high risk situation. These once risks turned into rewards whereby over ten thousand or so residents under the program stayed longer and paid better than residents who came under our normal credit criteria.

This translated into millions of rent dollar potential that was once lost.

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These among many other programs are proven reasons why the value of income collectibles needs to be addressed with good leadership and management. Management and training development is the core to success. I have over twenty years of experience in the Property Management industry and over eighteen in the specifics of managing for a 25, unit portfolio on the various revenue streams. My responsibilities encompassed establishing credit criteria, screening application procedures, collection procedures, Landlord and Tenant procedures and other assorted programs that deal with resident financial issues including training and counseling on over 75 properties.

I also developed and implemented a post move-out collection system pursuing debt of residents after they vacate the premises, which enjoys returns in excess of one million dollars every year. I was President of Property Management Association in My years of service in the industry would bring distinction and job skills knowledge necessary to train and consult your company in pursuits of building, developing and reshaping success in your business.

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