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Cover of Garden Cities of To-morrow. Diagram No. Howard diagram dutch cropped.

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Garden Cities of To-Morrow

Garden Cities of To-morrow Garden Cities of To-morrow title page. Garden Cities of Tomorrow, No.

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Garden Cities of Tomorrow, Nos. Garden City Concept by Howard. Garden City diagram.

Ebenezer Howard’s Garden City Idea and the Ideology of Industrialism

Howard was a 19th century British reformer and city planner. He was influenced by Bellamy's Looking Backwards.

What is the Garden City Movement and Why you should be using it

He saw new, planned towns as a necessary counterbalance to the squalid, Dickensian 19th century London. These towns would balance urban and rural occupations, and include a whole range of amenities which we have come to take for granted: libraries, museums, schools, wide avenues, and a mix of commercial and residential zones.

Garden Cities for To-morrow

Howard strove to keep a balance between the community and individual needs, and to operate within the framework of Capitalism, rather than rejecting or attempting to replace it. With the aid of contemporary ecological theories, the model is reinterpreted and updated to respond to the current environmental crisis. The result is the twenty-first century Garden City, that demonstrates a new highly adaptable urban framework that structures relationships between the man-made and natural environments.

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Through the exploration of the Garden City, a methodology is developed for the study of historic precedents. By challenging the model to respond to the twenty-first century crisis, it is first deconstructed and evaluated, and then reconceptualized toward contemporary interests. This method of approach suggests that an historic model maintains something of value that can be offered in contemporary times.

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  • It provides an alternative way to study and learn from historic models, while projecting their values in to the future. Frederic J.

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