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But they can also be used in a more quantitative fashion. Most people look at the review score to assess whether readers liked their book. This seems like a good idea; in practice, however, not all 4 star ratings are equal.

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Using these two numbers, we can compare our expected review numbers using a rule of thumb to the actual number of reviews our book has. On average, you can expect 1 Amazon review for every 1, free downloads and 1 review for every sales. This is just a very general rule of thumb; the review rate will fluctuate from book to book.

This is a problem, since your career is built on sellthrough that is, people finishing a book and then purchasing another one of your books. Thus, if your review rate is dramatically below the rules of thumb stated above, there may be a craft problem lurking in the pages. More people are reviewing Books A and B than expected; by contrast, Book C has fewer reviews than expected. Again, this is a very rough estimate; making any decisions based on this exercise alone would be ill-advised. But a low review rate is cause for further examination. In conjunction with the actual qualitative content of the reviews, you can use your review rate to troubleshoot craft problems.

We only want legitimate reviews.

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To that end, you should avoid anything that might get you into hot water with Amazon. In recent years, Amazon has cracked down on many review gathering techniques—from the obvious black hat ones to grayer areas.

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This is largely unavoidable and not something to be worried about; if the review count on a book suddenly drops by one or two, however, this might be the culprit. In theory, if funds were unlimited, you could book all of the sites below. Getting loads of reviews, however, is not the best use of marketing funds. Instead, focus on getting 10 reviews , as this is the threshold where most paid promo sites allow you to advertise. Then invest the leftover money into paid advertising. Demand is mostly dictated by your genre, cover, and blurb. Instead, these sites play matchmaker between authors and prospective reviewers—matching your book with interested, unbiased reviewers who request a review copy of your title based on its cover, blurb, and genre.

These reviewers are not compensated, beyond the free copy of the book. If a site claims to compensate reviewers—either via monetary payment, contest entries or other incentives—run the other way immediately. Due diligence is a must. Their prices and results make them less appealing, however. If you have a mailing list which you do have, right? Explain the importance and include the direct link to the review form.

Just ask nicely. You can even automate this process by adding such a request to your autoresponder. The same principles apply: ask nicely and include a direct link to the review form.

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Why keep paying for review services with each book — essentially shotgunning your book out to readers who may or may not like it — when you can instead build a team of mega fans who will review your latest release on launch day? Like the previous method, this technique requires a mailing list — but after you finish setting up your mailing list, one of the next steps should be to start building your ARC advance review copy team.

Way 1 : create an automated email inviting subscribers to join.

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Same format as above: hey, I have cool pre-release copies of my latest book—you want in? Reply if you do. You can do this for a specific release e. On a closing note, never request positive reviews; I always emphasize that reviewers should leave honest reviews. If someone signed up to your ARC team, they are almost always a big fan of your work, which makes them extremely unlikely to leave a review lower than four stars, anyway.

On a related note, I do not remove non-reviewers or people who leave me low ratings; this demands a lot of time that can be better spent elsewhere. Other retailers take umbrage to directly linking to competitors. Finally, an important note: the more cluttered your back matter, the less likely a buyer will take any action at all. If you have a million requests back there—follow me on Twitter!

Part of that is writing—she has published 21 full-length novels in three years—and part is marketing.

Many authors buy ads on Amazon, effectively paying their employer to get more customers. The structure of Kindle Unlimited also means writers need to churn out a lot of content. Since , Lea Robinson and Melissa King have published more than romance novels and novellas on Amazon under the pen name Alexa Riley.

They told me by phone that they make the bulk of their money from payments from KDP Select as people read their backlist of titles on Kindle Unlimited.

Part 2: Confessions from the Scammy, Underground World of Kindle eBooks

Each woman tries to write 3, words a day, and Alexa Riley generally publishes three books a month. Each writes from about nine to five each day, and never on the weekends. They have a formula—sexy men, headstrong women, a happy ending—that they and their readers both enjoy. But King and Robinson have tried the traditional route, and found it less lucrative than Amazon.

How Amazon Generates $136 Billion In Sales

It took nearly a year between the time they finished the book and the time it was published; on Amazon, it usually takes about two weeks. The book was much longer than their traditional works, at 95, words, yet the money was about half what it would have been with Amazon. Retailers will continue losing market share, and Amazon will gain it. Even losing a small share of readers to Kindle Unlimited could be fatal for retailers. Amazon is, he argues, creating a market with fewer retailers.

leibreaksynsewea.gq Then, when all the other options have disappeared and Amazon completely dominates the market, Amazon will raise prices and charge authors less, and authors and readers will be trapped, he speculated. In response to this, Amazon said that authors set their own prices for books. Amazon does have a history of hooking people on products and services and then changing the terms.

An Amazon spokesman told me that authors find it valuable to participate in KDP Select, and that 95 percent re-enroll in the program every month. Now, anyone can try to reach a large audience without going through the traditional publishing gatekeepers. King and Robinson, of Alexa Riley, told me that a traditional publishing house probably would never have accepted their manuscripts because their books were too dirty.

But have authors traded one corporate overlord for another? Now, Amazon is making the rules, prohibiting authors from publishing both on Kindle Unlimited and on other sites, for example, incentivizing people to produce huge amounts of content, and stoking a race to the bottom on book prices.

Authors who may have, in an e-book utopia, been able to set their own prices and sell their books wherever they want online, now have to choose: go exclusively with Amazon and KDP Select or try to sell their books without Amazon. Authors getting all their sales from Amazon are playing a dangerous game, Coker said. But for now, self-published authors seem to be willing to take that risk. Samantha Christy told me that an agent recently approached her to talk to her about going the traditional publishing route. As of press time, Mike Omer was still the top author on Amazon.