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WBC welterweight titlist Shawn Porter. These artists of the s were such a creative force in Marvel that they all partnered up to start Image Comics, which allowed them to publish their own creations without sacrificing copyrights. Parents remember reading X-Men growing up, so they introduce their children to the world of superheroes. I also get compliments from graphic designers on design layout and composition.

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And of course boxing fans love my work because I skew current boxing events into my own comic book hero universe. RA: On average it takes me three to four hours, from concept to production art.

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Why is it your favorite? RA: Fighters with nicknames make it easier to create a cool cover. Joseph Parker cover, so it was a perfect segue into the Bronze Bomber villainous cover! Above I also incorporated the previous AJ vs. Parker cover into the Bomber issue.

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RA: I hope my fan base in the combat sports community continues to grow, as more fans want to see me create cool covers. I eventually want to illustrate a round-by-round, multiple panel breakdown of a fight. You can also find Rob Ayala on Instagram fightposium.

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You can order the current issue, which is on newsstands, or back issues from our subscribe page. The Mount Prospect Herald reported on the ordinance in its May 21, , edition:. It turned out that Korcek's love of comic books didn't hinder his education. During his time in the Army, he was a sports staffer at European Stars and Stripes and he went on to have an award-winning career as sports information director for Northern Illinois University. So why did Mount Prospect ban comics and then ultimately allow them to be sold again to a young Mike Korcek?

Apparently the reasoning behind the ban was the scourge of juvenile delinquency that was spreading across America after World War II.

Bad behavior by teenagers had to be blamed on something, and what better culprit than comic books? After all, more than 60 million comics were being sold every month and they were available everywhere. So if kids were behaving badly and kids loved comics, then it must be the comics that were to blame for the bad behavior. A pop psychologist at the time, Dr.

Fredric Wertham, wrote the infamous book "The Seduction of the Innocent," blaming the ills of society on comic books. Senator Estes Kefauver held televised Senate hearings to investigate comic books and their effect on the youth of America. There were comic-book burnings in communities across the country.

Comic books were under siege. The story even had a sidebar with interviews of local mothers who agreed with the mayor and hoped that comic books would be "outlawed. After the Senate hearings, comic-book publishers banded together to self-police the content. No longer would lurid and violent themes be allowed in comic books bearing the seal of the "Comics Code Authority.

Now that the children of America were protected from "bad" comics due to the Comics Code, distribution and the retail display started to resume across the country. Mount Prospect eased its restrictions and little Mike Korcek could safely purchase and collect his prized Superman comics.

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Fast forward to September Gary Colabuono, comic-book collector and dealer, opens the first shop in Chicago's suburbs devoted entirely to comic books. Moondog's was at 26 W. I remember one story about a baseball match between superheroes and supervillians,and another about a pole-vaulter from the future. Love this site! Sullay: Thanks for commenting! The pole-vaulter from the future is coming up, in the run. Mail will not be published required. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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  8. In the 75th anniversary year of DC Comics, one memorable series has fallen by the historical wayside… A watershed moment in science-fiction sports literary history went down in January when one day, in newsstands across America, youthful readers and observant kiosk owners were greeted with Brave and the Bold Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it Tell a friend Print for later. Frank J.

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