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My family has been sick. Because I have a blog, I can take care of my twins at home every day, and not have to worry about going back to work, hiring a babysitter or taking them to day care. I can stay home, make an online income and take care of my twins. Do you want that mama? I know you do. Trust me. One thing you need to think about when starting your blog is what you plan to write about.

This can be a challenge for a lot of people.

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I struggled too. When I first started Twins Mommy, I decided to write for work-at-home moms with little ones.

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But, this soon turned to mom bloggers who wanted to become mompreneurs. For your first blog, though, I suggest you find a niche. It will help you grow your blog and your following quicker. Look at your hobbies and find out what you enjoy and can write about it for a long time.

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You can also look at previous experience to help you decide your niche. My background is in education and being a mama, but my online experience is in digital marketing. When I created Twins Mommy I drew from those experiences. This is a little bit more challenging. One easy way is to check on Facebook. Go to a few groups you belong to and use their search function. Just type in your niche or keyword that represents your blog and see if there are lots of questions surrounding that topic.

If so, you have a viable niche! Listen, we all love blogging for fun, but if you really want to stay home with your little one or be able to quit that job you hate, you need to find a way to monetize your niche. This site is a WordPress. A WordPress. This is the fun part, mamas!

What are you going to name your blog?

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Make sure, though, to have a couple of names in case the. I also suggest trying to get a. As a rule, make sure your domain name is simple, short and easy to spell, and relates to your overall brand. When I first started blogging I wanted to use a secure and reliable web host. There are four main reasons to start your blog with Bluehost. Bluehost gives you a completely free domain name for the entire year when you sign up using my special link.

This is super important if you want to bootstrap your blogging expenses. I use their live chat all the time, but for kicks I picked up the phone and gave them a call one day. Within 2 minutes I had my entire issue resolved.

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  • Talk about fast! How great is this mama?

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    No need to maneuverer clicking buttons or typing in cryptic commands to install WordPress anymore! Bluehost does it for you behind the scenes…automatically! You can start your mom blog in minutes after you sign up to Bluehost. When starting a blog, you want to keep your costs down. Making money blogging is a journey so any savings you do up front will help you with blogging for a long time!

    Mommy, May I?

    Bluehost has made it super affordable for new bloggers with their plans — when you use my special link. I started blogging when my twins were taking one nap a day. Now — my twins are in school! I side hustled my blogging to now become a full-time blogger! Just click on over to Bluehost and follow along with me! And to help you even more, I have a tutorial video that walks you step-by-step on starting a blog! Bluehost has three plans to choose from: Basic, Plus and Prime. I recommend bloggers running WordPress start with either the Basic or Plus plan. With the Plus plan you can host unlimited domains and you have unlimited storage space all on your one hosting account. Choose the 2-year or the 3-year term for big savings up front.

    This will take you to step 2. Remember the list you made of potential website names? Your domain name is what people will remember you by when they are on Pinterest or Facebook. But, I am still building a brand with Twins Mommy. You can pick your domain extension like. Remember, you will save the most money overall when you choose the 36 month plan. Next is setting up your password for your Bluehost account. Later you can change it, add a logo, and start your blog post! They created a user-friendly and beautiful control panel.

    With one click you login to your brand new Bluehost blog! How easy is that? Are you excited? I know when I started my blog I had about a million topics to write about!! Ha…well maybe not that many. But, I was excited and raring to start publishing posts. I'm Elna, wife to my college sweetheart and mother to my school-aged twins. Together we are the parent entrepreneurs. I'm also a professional blogger and freelance writer. I help mom bloggers make money blogging so they can stay home with their little ones too!

    Come join me in the Mom to Mompreneur Facebook group! Any more advice you could offer on that topic would be greatly appreciated.

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