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The joy of creating that first functional and beautiful tool spurred her onto carving and creating many many more, and inspired her to learn as much as she could from other master carvers. Natalie runs her own woodcarving, kitchen wares and custom vintage knife restoration business from her studio in Pasadena Ca, called Arroyo Seco Woodcraft. For examples of her work please visit her Instagram page arroyosecowoodcraft.

Beginning Spoon Carving with Natalie In this class you will learn how to use a knife and chisels to carve you're very own spoon. The art of carving is one that requires us to slow down and enjoy the beauty in a simple utilitarian object but one that can be filled with intense beauty and satisfaction. You will leave with a completed spoon if you're determined, but spoon carving is intense on the hands so there will be opportunities during the class to take breaks from carving and learn about wood selection, design and functionality, different knife and chisel techniques, and sanding and finishing options.

I recommend the Morakniv as a basic carving knife if you want to purchase one. I will have sandpaper and finishing oil to share with everyone. This class is not appropriate for children as the extreme sharpness of the tools means that a level of supervision that I cannot provide is required. Adults only please. Danny is a trauma informed somatic mindfulness coach and plays at the intersections of meditation, spirituality, healing and relating.

He has spent over 10, hours in silent meditation retreat exploring for himself the direct experience pointed to by spiritual traditions. He is now in the deep inquiry of taking the depth of the inward journey and applying it to becoming fully human and engaging in a world that requires action with an open heart. Healing Trauma Through Community One of the most challenging parts of living in community, is learning how to hold space for each other when our past traumas get triggered in the present.

To be human is to carry trauma in our bodies, remnants of unresolved experiences that keep replaying themselves until they can be seen and received in love.

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One of the driving forces to live in community is to find a loving and caring place where we can be seen and welcomed, healing and receiving what we didn't get in our early development. In this workshop we will harvest the wisdom that group has to offer around these key questions: What is Trauma?

What does healing look like and how do we hold space for each other when our wounds are triggered? What does it mean to heal in community? Together we will discover how we can bring a trauma informed perspective to our communities and continue the conversation around the core components needed in community to make healing possible. Somatic Mindfulness — Reconnecting Our Bodies to the Earth Cultivating mindfulness helps to bring our attention into the present moment and perceive the subtly of experience that is happening all time but we are unaware of because of the conditioning of distraction.

In this offering we will learn the basic skills of cultivating mindfulness through reconnecting to our bodies, learning to listen to them and become aware of the wisdom they have to share with us. We will also discover that our bodies are an extension of the earth and as we start to become aware of that connection, how the earth is constantly supporting us we will cultivate a sense of safety and trust.

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We will learn to hone our feeling senses to become more present inside and connected to the world around us. Compassionate Masculinity — A Circle for Men How do we come together as men to support each other with compassion and care? When we do ask for support we might place that emotional labor on women or our partners, because they are the ones we trust to hold us in tender ways.

As men we can lean into and find support in each other and find way to break through our conditioning around what it means to be a man and hold each other in compassion. Join us in this circle to get vulnerable with the struggles you face in live and be heard and supported by the men in your community. Ray was an English major and philosophy minor at U of O. After college, Ray spent time as a police officer in Eugene, Oregon, before moving into the transportation industry, where he continues to work today.

Ray is an avid bowhunter, upland game bird hunter, and hiker. Because of his love for the outdoors, he started developing his wilderness skills as a safeguard against any problems he might encounter during his solo wilderness outings.

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This eventually led Ray to start volunteering as a search and rescue K9 handler in as a way to use his knowledge helping others. Every year, thousands of new adventurous individuals break free from the urban world to begin spending time in our forests. My workshop has been developed from my personal experiences as a wilderness explorer and a search and rescue K9 handler. I hope to share some basic information with you, to help make your next outing to your favorite wild place safer and more enjoyable.

Year after year, season after season, on the brightest days and darkest nights, my search and rescue team is called to assist in finding people that have become lost in the woods. It is easier to get lost in the woods than many people realize, especially for those of us who get caught up in natures splendor or are focused on looking for flora, fauna or minerals.

What do you do if that happens to you? Do you have the essential items with you to hold you over while search and rescue crews find and extract you from the forest? If you or someone else is injured, do you have the knowledge and basic equipment to tend to those injuries? I hope you find it relevant, helpful and that you never need any of the information provided.

Lonnie is a member of the Muscogee Creek Nation and has been trained in the craft of bow making by a full blood Elder, Mike Berryhill, who has been honored as a Living Legend by his tribe. Mike was the Cvkotakse Haya Bow Maker and considered a master of traditional bow making in the style of the Muscogee people. Mike asked and blessed Lonnie to carry on his traditional bow making style in with the intention of continuing this ancient craft by teaching the next generations so this way will not be lost.

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Over 90 people have learned this craft since the first class held by Mike Berryhill in where Lonnie was one of 30 students and became one of the instructors. Jon is a San Diego-based musician and music educator. He currently teaches elementary music, maintains a private studio, and performs around the San Diego area. Saxophone is his main instrument, and he is proficient in flute, clarinet, guitar, and ukulele. When not engaged in music, you can find him practicing circus acrobatics with his troupe, The Circus Collective. Terra worked with children in the foster care system for several years before having children of her own, utilizing Art Therapy, and helping children work through trauma using TF-CBT.

For the past 5 years, Terra has worked extensively with children in the Non-Violent Communication paradigm through her work as a parent teacher at The Garden Cooperative Nursery School in Glassell Park. Her work with adults in private practice has been profoundly affected by her discovery of Breathwork in After feeling called to teach Breathwork weekly to her community, Terra opened her private practice studio to everyone in order to make this transformational healing both affordable and accessible to all who need it.

Breathwork Breathwork accesses the body's own natural healing ability through a particular repetitive breath in a safe setting with a guide. Music, bells, essential oils, Palo Santo, and massage are often utilized to help the person stay present during and after the experience. Through this breathing technique, a person may experience a number of phenomena: chakras may become aligned, clarity may be attained, and the person may experience a complete release of emotions that had previously hindered their emotional and spiritual lives.

Many people become tuned into spirit during a Breathwork session, and report sensing loved ones, guides, or angels in their presence. This intense work often results in euphoria and a state of deep relaxation afterward. Attendees are encouraged to bring a yoga mat, layers of clothes including socks or a blanket, and a journal if they want to record their experiences, insights and messages.

Bowmaking Mark teaches a how-and-why awareness of knowing the wood to begin the process of creating a partnership between bow and archer. We bring the stories of the wood and crafter together through our primitive skills. They teach at local schools and organize shooting events - all ages all levels all fun.


Benjamin Pixie has been actively romancing the wilds of this world for over half of his life. He is husband to millions of virgin maidens who dedicate their lives to the sex work of the Earth, and lovingly serves 50 queens. He is father of 2 shining radiant little witches. The Magic and Medicine of the Bee Benjamin will be sharing stories of Bees as stewards of the fecundity of life and examples of alternative styles of civilization that promote diversity.