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In this funny, heartbreaking, and triumphant new tale set in the Big Apple, it's Anna's turn in the spotlight. Life is perfect for Anna Walsh. She has the "Best Job in the World" as a PR exec for a top-selling urban beauty brand, a lovely apartment in New York, and a perfect husband -- the love of her life, Aidan Maddox. Until the morning she wakes up in her mammy's living room in Dublin with stitches in her face, a dislocated knee, and completely smashed-up hands -- and no memory of how she got there.

While her mammy plays nursemaid just like all of her favorite nurses on her soaps , and her sister Helen sits in wet hedges doing her private investigator work for Lucky Star PI, Anna tries to get better and keeps wondering why Aidan won't return her phone calls or e-mails. Recuperating from her injuries, a mystified Anna returns to Manhattan. Slowly beginning to remember what happened, she sets off on a search to find Aidan -- a hilarious quest involving lilies she can't stop smelling them , psychics, mediums, and anyone in the city who can promise her a reunion with her beloved.

'I had this incredible database of pain'

Written in her classic style, marrying the darker parts of life with humor and wit, Anybody Out There? Boulder Public Library. My Account. Log Out. Search for. Advanced Search. Logged In As. Get a library card. Download and Stream. Lifelong Learning. Featured Resources. Hoopla: Streaming media.

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RB Digital: Digital magazines. Featured Resources for Kids. Overdrive for Kids. TumbleBooks: Digital media for kids. She says she came out of rehab and wrote Watermelon in an outpouring of joy. It was the nicest time of my life. Everything seemed to be beautiful; it seemed to be summer forever. I was 30 and I had felt so old, and so black, in this little small black hole all my life, and suddenly I was like a little flower, you know?

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Writing short stories had been the one thing that made her happy when she was drinking; six months after her overdose, she had a three-book deal with Poolbeg, an Irish publisher, after sending them in, and during the same period she fell in love with the man who is now her husband. Tony Baines had read economics at Cambridge and been a friend and admirer through the bad years. But all that drama was just a substitute for genuine feeling.

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We are great companions and we are so in each other's corner. The couple married the year Watermelon came out and they divide their time between the flat and a house near the sea in Dun Laoghaire in Dublin. Baines had planned to get another job in IT when they moved to Dublin from London in But six months went by and he found himself working full-time answering Keyes's fan mail, doing the accounts and travelling with her.

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A handsome, grey-haired man, he says shyly: "Time is our main problem. Our schedule seems to be planned a year in advance. They tried for children, but it didn't happen. Now Keyes is content not to be a mother.

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Because I've been so showered in life, beyond my wildest dreams, like a loving partner that I never thought I would have. But it's nice to not get everything. It's lovely to be cut back down to size. I ask if she now understands why she was so unhappy when she was growing up as the eldest of five children - she said once that at 11 she was oppressed by a feeling of "screaming despair". She takes the question seriously. But there were things. And both my parents came from very, very poor backgrounds I wouldn't say there was pressure put on me, but there was expectation.

The way Ireland was constructed at the time, when my mother got married she had to give up her job. And I do think she minded. In her own story, suffering has been rewarded by wealth, admiration, security and love. And it was so painful to live through, and I was so confused, I kept waiting to get into a clearing, and I never did - until I did.

And then when I started to write, I had this incredible database of pain.

A flawless, fabulous read. A mysterious presence has arrived at 66 Star Street in Dublin - a presence that is able to watch the lives of the residents unfold and determine whose hearts beat in synch. Music executive Katie lives on the top floor - she's about to turn 40 and is getting fed up with her boyfriend Conall's workaholic schedule.

Taxi driver Lydia shares a flat with two Polish builders who have to suffer her abrasive personality and refusal to clean the house. It seems she has more pressing matters on her mind. Phone psychic Jemima lives on the first floor with her dog but her foster son Fionn soon moves in while he's filming a new TV gardening show. And the last residents are Matt and Maeve, who met at their software company and share their deep love with the wider world through their daily Act of Kindness.

But they also share a secret that is slowly devastating their world. As usual, Keyes will entice you into the lives of her intriguing characters, revealing bit by bit their layers and history. While the mystery of the presence won't last until the end, this certainly won't stop you from speed-reading your way to the conclusion. When it is announced that charismatic Irish politician Paddy de Courcy is getting married, three women are particularly interested in the news. Lola is devastated, because she has been Paddy's girlfriend for 16 months and now he's marrying someone else. Heartbroken and unable to concentrate on her work as a stylist, Lola flees Dublin to a friend's country cottage.

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  8. Journalist Grace is intrigued, as she's had dealings with Paddy and the bride-to-be, Alicia, before and is certainly not a fan. For one, Paddy was the first love of her twin sister, Marnie, who is now having trouble keeping her life together. With a serious underlying theme, slowly revealed secrets and characters who will draw you into their pain, could it be Keyes' best yet? Anna Walsh has landed on her feet in New York - a wonderful job as a PR executive for a beauty brand, a loving husband Aidan and a great apartment.

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    Then one morning she wakes up in her family's Dublin home with stitches in her face and a dislocated knee - and no memory of how she got there. More troubling is the fact that Aidan won't return her calls or emails. There are sometimes three sides to every story. The men in events organiser Gemma Hogan's life are proving a problem - actually it's the men disappearing from her life that she has trouble with.

    First there's former boyfriend Anton, who is now living in London with Gemma's ex-best friend Lily Wright. Then there's Gemma's father, who's just left her mother after 35 years of marriage and Gemma has to move in to pick up the pieces. Lily has a bestseller, Mimi's Remedies, under her belt but is still waiting for karma to catch up with her for what she did to Gemma. Maybe it's what's causing her inability to write the next book despite the fact the advance has already been spent. High-flying literary agent JoJo, who's involved with her married boss, is always on the lookout for the next big thing, and thinks it's unlikely to come from her debut star, Lily.