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Here are a few options, from fiction to non-fiction, in both western and Vedic traditions. Some reviewers have said the books are as educational as they are entertaining. Make it a unique gift for that special friend. Axel Crowe is a criminal analyst who applies esoteric principles taught by his enigmatic guru.

A finder of wayward people and stolen possessions, Crowe profiles subjects in a distinctly unique manner, using astrology, palmistry and other unconventional techniques. Facts are gross, but the truth is subtle , his guru repeats like a mantra, and although motives for murder lie buried deep, a righteous and relentless man will inevitably unearth them.

For those who prefer trade paperback, the three titles in this set Scorpio Rising , Felonious Monk , Soma County can be purchased individually at Amazon. See descriptions below. Axel Crowe probes the killing of a New York City heiress, and discovers her death is linked to two other murders on the same day: a dot-com millionaire in San Francisco, and the team leader of a government counter-terrorist project in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Axel Crowe investigates the murder of a reporter at a Vermont ashram. His esoteric sleuthing reveals a series of Manhattan rape-murders dating back 12 years, with connections to sex trafficking, drug smuggling and the theft of an ancient golden Buddha.

The coolest thing for me is that the detective is an astrologer and a mystic. The normal sort of clue-following fun is aided and abetted by the most practical use of various divinatory arts. A page turner and a seriously magnificent piece of work. Axel Crowe searches for a missing person in Napa Valley and discovers a black market in body parts.

Parivartana Yogas are said to be among the most powerful of planetary combinations, having the capacity to link the effects of two astrological houses in a chart. Illustrated throughout with case studies, this comprehensive reference text describes the effects for each of the 66 combinations of house lord exchange, also known as mutual receptions. Available in digital format at all online retailers, trade paperback at Amazon.

Applications in Vedic astrology: a varied collection of essays on time-tested techniques, in-depth celebrity profiles, and analysis of mundane events. This is an educational and entertaining book for both seasoned practitioners and serious students of Jyotisha.

Available in digital format at all online retailers, trade paperback coming in As a concept, mutual reception is almost 2, years old, yet very little has been written about it. A number of techniques make it clear how to analyse the strength of each mutual reception, identify the control planet and the affected areas of life, and determine the outcome.


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Tags: axel crowe , crime fiction , felonious monk , mutual reception , mystery , new age noir , parivartana yoga , scorpio rising , soma county , stellar astrology. Annand is an accomplished writer of suspense novels; he is also an accomplished Vedic astrologer with a solid grasp of Eastern and Western astrology, palmistry, and more. He has imbued his protagonist, Axel Crowe, with this knowledge and set him loose in what he calls his New Age Noir series.

And Crowe for the most part is a likeable guy — as is his former guru who is an invisible but very definite presence in this book. The plot? The police assume it was a tainted batch of wine. When Crowe is called in by the friend, he suspects otherwise. Who would want to put the vineyard in jeopardy? But this is no simple whodunit.

Horoscope by jorge obba

The action takes you from the Napa Valley to India and back again. And along the way, a black market in body parts adds to the intrigue.

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Am I going to tell you more? Only that the characters are well developed, the plot is rich and fast-paced, and Crowe is very generous in relaying snippets of astrology, numerology, and Vedic lore.

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Scorpio Rising and Felonious Monk are equally good. International Society for Astrological Research. Shannon Rae.

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Shannon came to Astrology while completing her BSc in Math and Chemistry, finding equally relevant information held within the seemingly dichotomous disciplines. In addition to being a professional schoolteacher, Shannon is a longtime Steering Committee member of the Manitoba Astrology Association and an accredited teacher through the Canadian Association of Astrological Education.

Website: www. Alex Trenoweth. Britanie LeClair. Britanie is a practicing astrologer, cosmological researcher and professional writer hailing from Sudbury, Ontario. Britanie utilizes a blend of modern and traditional practices with a focus on evolutionary and forensic astrology. Vincent Godbout. Mathematician, mentalist, astrologer, and designer of the Mastro Astrological Software expert system, Vincent holds a certificate in college education, a B.

From to , he was a professor of mathematics. He is also the author of a French adaptation of the best seller Thomas and Finney's Differential and Integral Calculus. Quite passionate about astrology since , in he becomes the owner of the astrological bookstore Nouvel Athanor where, in collaboration with Axel Harvey, he will be the first to offer computerized services to Montreal astrologers. In the s, he lectured on research and statistics in astrology as well as on Cosmobiology.

This new approach led him to develop automated tools to support astrological interpretation.

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Retired from teaching since , he is involved in music, classical singing and he takes care of his mentalist career under the pseudonym of Mentalo. More importantly, he devotes most of his time to astrological research and the development of Mastro. Franco Soulbody. Franco is a Renaissance Man; mechanical engineer, parent, musician, athlete, astrologer, energy worker and Wiccan priest.

His interests are not scattered but rather held together by the common thread between all these interests.

Franco has served Astrology Toronto in the past as secretary and vice president.