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When the global Cold War struggle between the United States and communist powers began in the late s, Congress passed a series of bills allowing Asian refugees to enter the country. Later, American military interventions in Asian civil wars, most notably in Korea and Vietnam, opened the door for thousands of refugees from those nations to enter the United States. The signal piece of immigration legislation in this era was the Hart—Celler Act of , which replaced the existing national quotas that were racially based.

World War II: Key Dates

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Majority Leaders. Bean Soup! Featured Mace of the U. House of Represen- tatives. A Century of Women in Congress September 11, People Events Institution Objects. Documentaries Interviewees Oral History Transcripts. Featured Shooting in the House Chamber. House Trivia Timeline. Blood drives were set up after the Army and Navy requested , donations.

On weekends, University students, professors, and staffers collected and sorted scrap. Rations for food and gasoline were enforced across the nation. Valentine began riding his bicycle to work, a three-mile trek from home, and many faculty members followed suit.

When Valentine missed a train connection to address a school of nurses in Pennsylvania, he hitched a ride with a farmer and barely arrived at his destination on time. So were the golf, tennis, and baseball seasons, which were canceled due to the accelerated timeline. The goal was to train men to become junior Naval officers, with instruction in basic naval subjects coupled with normal academic disciplines.

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Rochester had the smallest study body but was among the 25 chosen. John Fisher College. The faculty also approved a plan requiring the men to take four years of physical education instead of two, with an emphasis on contact sports, boxing, wrestling, and obstacle courses. University secretary Anne Newhall had been on vacation in Hawaii and witnessed the Pearl Harbor assault. A fort next to the house where Newhall stayed was hit.

Historic Headlines: World War II

She saved a piece of shrapnel and brought it to Rochester—a powerful symbol of the war that had been brought home to America. As news of the attack reached the Prince Street campus, discussion turned quickly to ways in which the women could contribute to the war effort.

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Times have changed and will continue to change. We must realize this and be ready for it.

The students took some immediate steps, first turning the annual winter formal into a dance fundraiser for the Red Cross. They set up knitting drives, sold war stamps, and collected scrap metal. They intensified these efforts in subsequent months as men were called away for military service and industries expanded to meet war demands. Course graduates were able to work alongside nurses and doctors, monitoring vital signs and assisting with dressings, casts, and slings. The women formed a War Activities Board to highlight various campus initiatives and opportunities to assist the war effort, including calls to fill many factory supervisor and industrial lab technician jobs typically held by men.

Treatment of Japanese-Americans in WWII Hawaii Revealed in Article | Berkeley Law

In the fall of , Kenneth Ogden of the Kodak Hawk-Eye Works—which was heavily involved in making optical products for the military—headlined a luncheon on the Prince Street Campus to outline opportunities for women. Women were encouraged to fill these roles while continuing to attend classes at the College.

...with able support from the College for Women

Women with war minors found jobs waiting for them upon graduation. Rochester was one of the few leading universities in the United States to offer these mapmaking courses. In , the U.

The Ninth Judicial Circuit, the authors recount, similarly ruled against the government in two decisions highly critical of U. Those decisions blocked Justice Department efforts to deport to Japan Kibei and other Japanese-American detainees who, under obvious duress, had renounced U.