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Fire Emblem Seisen no Keifu OST: 11- Chapter 5 (Doors of Destiny)

Without these keys, those doors will just be locked up. This is a life worth living…The life that was created just for you!

No man can take away what God predestined for you…. Heir To The Throne. November 22, Victorious You.

Why aren’t the doors to my destiny opening?

November 17, Create Concentrate Complete. March 3, Complete instead of Compete. January 18, Behind The Curtain. December 10, He has no clue how to find the last seeker.

The Door of Destiny

And everyone keeps expecting him to lead, even though he's no more qualified than anyone else. As Jaden struggles with his new reality, he breaks the most dangerous rule: he meddles with time. When he returns to his own time, everything has changed. After more mutant freaks cross the breach between dimensions, the team must battle not only the unleashed monsters, but their own emerging demons as well. Will they face the enemy as a united front?