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Suspect, however, was a-phenylindole. Pharmacological, hematological and other tests were made on rabbits inhalation and on mice and rats oral and i. Examination of the action of this compound on the metabolism of the naturally- occurring indole derivative showed disturbance of the tryptophane metabolism, with urinary elimination of hippuric acid and 5-hydroxy-indoles.

In follow-up tests on about workers, the same reaction was noted. The method is recom- mended for evaluating health effects of pollutants in the work environment. These -effects are divided into: selection and mutation. Much is known about the se- lective effects of pollutants, e.

Peripheral blood lymphocytes provide a means of testing the effects of new chemicals on human tissue, but other effective methods are urgently required. Herbert Rosenkrantz, Columbia University, reports that the volatile ethylene oxide, when used, forms nonvolatile ethylene chloride. Evidently, the chloride by reacting with DNA is a possible mutagen and carcinogen.

The separate data sheets, designed to aid in es- tablishing preventive industrial safety techniques by providing physical pro- perties and hazards data on organic solvents used in the ink industry, will be followed by other volumes covering all raw materials used by the industry. By establish- ing a worldwide maximum SST emission level of nitrogen oxides, probably 0. A total of became ill, with 15 hospitalized. A pesticide used against insects in the cafeteria was ruled out as a possible cause. Suspect now are fumes from polymers used as package sealants, but tests will continue to try to find the actual cause.

News,52 34 : 16 August 26, Under contract to the American Petroleum Institute, the Bermuda Biological Sta- tion for Research will investigate the effects of floating oil contaminants on shoreline plants and animals. The study will take place in Bermuda, where tar balls are prevalent. Box , Trenton, N. Although detergent sales will now go back to the 8.

The DEP can also ban or restrict detergent sales or use in any locality to protect the state's waters.

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ACN did not harm fed rats but it was lethal to fasted rats at ppm. Liver injury from CBD was noted; fasting increased its toxicity. Appar- ently, there are significant differences in inhalation toxicity testing based on fed-fasting.

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A variety of chemicals go into the making of plastics including fillers like asbestos, clay, fiber glass; dialkyl phthalates or oleic esters for flexibility; titanium dioxide, chromium, organic dyes for color; plus stabili- zers, antioxidants, ultraviolet absorbers, preservatives, lubricants, flame re- tardants and antistatic agents. Many of the chemicals involved in producing plastics are toxic to humans.

Acrylonitrile, used to make aeryIon, produces bleeding and tissue damage to the adrenal cortex in rats; a related compound, propionitrile, causes duodenal ulcer.

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Toluene diisocyanate, used to make polyurethane, in a single exposure might cause respiratory symptoms. Two researchers have offered data on the lung carcinogen- esis of chloromethyl-methyl ether, which is used as a crosslinking agent for poly- mer resins and which is laced with bis-chloromethyl ether, a known lung carcino- gen in animals. Another chemical, 2-chloro-l,3-butadiene, like vinyl chloride, causes liver cancer.

Spinoffs may find their way into industrial and commercial uses. Mentioned: cost still crimps wide- spread industrial use of reinforced plastics in which boron and graphite fibers are reinforcing agents. Dielectric heating for rapid curing of reinforced plastics may also reduce cost; has been successfully demonstrated for boron-epoxy materials and other materials. The substances listed are being considered for designation as hazardous when released into the aquatic environment in spill situations.

Pigs were fed a series of 4 single meals. With low arsenic fish serving as the control meal, the diets were high arsenic fish, arsenic trioxide, and arsenic trioxide with low arsenic fish, at 0. Accord- ing to Allied Chemical and Dow Chemical, mortality rates from lung and lymphatic cancers are excessively high among workers who processed inorganic arsenic. OSHA will hold hearings on 20 September Asarco sees a 1. Asarco's venture marks first commercial U.

Dow reported that about one-third of workers in its Midland, Mich. According to Allied, 19 of 27 workers Baltimore plant , who died during the last 13 years, died of can- cer. Lung and lymphatic cancer rates were high in males. Allied's plant has changed its manufacturing process.

Lloyd, OSHA, suggests a 0. Simultaneous determinations of arsenic and selenium on a large number of natural water samples were made, using a dual-channel spectrophotometer. According to D. Cox, Union Carbide, certain bacteria can transform nonvolatile arsenicals into highly toxic gaseous arsenic-containing compounds. Others reported conversion by microorganisms of water insoluble inorganic arsenicals into soluble organic arsenicals that can enter food chain, but de-emphasized "biomagnification" of arsenic compounds.

Rowland, University of California at Irvine sounded an alert to the possibility of increasing skin cancers and global change in climate from atmospheric accumulation of chlorofluoromethanes resulting from use of aerosol spray propellants and refrigeration coolants. The maximum concentration of asbestos permitted, if present in the total suspended particulate, is 0. This short report describes the case of a year-old-man and his wife, who both died from nalignant mesothelioma.

He worked with asbestos; she washed his dusty clothing.

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X-ray diffraction shows the total concentration of amphibole minerals in Duluth, Minn,, water supply to average 0. There was no evidence of tumor forma- tion or other evidences of toxicity in rats receiving 0. A dose- response for the toxicity of dioxane is assumed. Under recommended conditions of use, dioxane should not cause any ill effects.

Hematological changes were not unlike those of the control animals. No lesions of major organs and tissues, and no hepatic or nasal carcinomas were found. Apparently, the compound induced hepatic drug metabolizing en- zymes. The tested fluoroalkane is under consideration by the U. Under the test conditions, there were no apparent effects on the liver or lungs of the rats and growth was similar to that of the control animals. Hexafluoroethane is under consideration as an at- mospheric inerting agent for fighting combustion in spacecraft, aircraft, and submarines.

Reason: it might put some essential clothing out of the price range of low-income families. Rubber Division th Meeting, Philadelphia, Pa. There was no significant difference in sensory irritation between the flexible foam and its ounterpart, containing a flame retardant; this was true also for the two rigid foams. Large, significant differences were noted, however, between the two types of foams, with and with- out flame retardants. Evidently, the nature of the foams, rigid vs. Their rate of release of gases and smoke is dif- ferent. High-pressure propellants had intermediate toxicity or low toxicity.

In these studies on dogs, halo- thane 1. At Higher concentrations, contractions decreased in force and sometimes stopped. When Freon 11 was removed from the gas, contractions resumed. At the higher dose level, rats showed a small decrease in the rat of body weight gain but no clinical toxicity effects.